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A Real Home

A real home is a playground. Beware of the house where no rough-housing is allowed and no cries of glee are heard.

A real home is a workshop. Pity the child who is unfamiliar with wrenches and hammers, knitting needles, thread, screwdrivers and saws.

A real home is a forum. Honest, open discussion of life’s great problems belongs originally and primarily in the family circle.

A real home is cooperative. Households flourish in peace when the interest of each is the interest of all.

A real home is a school. Many of life’s most important and lasting lessons are learned here, both early in life and later on.

A real home is a temple, where people are loved and respected and where life is appreciated, in the recognition that life in all its parts is a gift of God, with our family being our personal and most precious gift.

Is your home a real home?

–Author Unknown




  1. Good message! Except the line which mentions saws. Parenting (Family) with wisdom, discretion and child training is a big part of the real home.

    • Prossy Nalubega

      I love the message but i don’t trust my kids with Saws, screwdrivers etc. That can never define my home.

  2. Thank you for the message. I love to have this kind of Home and presently myself and husband and we do not have kids for five years. We believe that God will give us a baby soon with His grace.
    Please pray for us.

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