Since when are things–like personal agendas–more important than people?

Never have been, yet we live that way.

With a husband, three kids, a business, and a schedule on wheels, there are countless times I’ve ignored the phone, been too busy or just felt too overwhelmed to check in on longtime friends, new acquaintances or even family members.

No matter how good our intentions, it’s pretty selfish to repeatedly fall into a cycle of putting things above people–things like meetings, moods, deadlines, plans, conditions, desires, events and more.

God’s law commands that we love others as we love ourselves. This stresses the value and priority we should place on “other people.” One way to love on others with the love of God is to serve them.

Jesus spent His precious time on the earth loving and serving people. His purpose was the Ultimate Sacrifice, which was in fact the Ultimate Act of Servanthood.

It’s hard to shut people out and love them at the same time. When we serve others, we serve God.

Here’s a quick list to help keep things in perspective:

Serve Not to be Seen. Check your motives. Serving others is a selfless act, not a self-centered one.

Step Outside the Box. When we think of serving others, the traditional ministry volunteering often comes to mind. But we can also serve people by simply reaching out to express genuine concern and interest in their well being.

Persevere. There may be times when people you serve are not very receptive, grateful or appreciative. Forego your expectations, continue on, and put emphasis on the act of serving in love, not the recipient.

Set the Tone. Be humble, yet serve with authority and passion. Let God’s love create the atmosphere to be fruitful, productive and effective.

Be Consistent. There’s never been a shortage of people who could use a listening ear, an extra eye or a helping hand. Let your act of service be ongoing, not just for a season.

Accept the Timing. Remain open. Serving others will almost always inconvenience you. Push past yourself and heed the call to help others when it comes.

Don’t Wait. Perfect conditions will never exist. Decide on an act of service and do it today.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.  1 Peter 4:10

–by Lisa Birch

6 Responses to Serving Others

  1. Tabitha Dudley says:

    Beautifully said! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be sharing with my Coffee and Conversation group at my church and with my staff at school. Thank you so much for truly letting us know what serving looks like.

    God Bless You!

  2. ifeoma says:

    Dear Lisa thank God for using you to bring out this great truth. It’ all about attitude, having the right attitude, knowing that God is the one that rewards all deligence Not man. May God give insight to all that will read this that their eyes of understanding may be opened in Jesus name amen.

  3. Sharon Peeples says:

    This message comes straight from the heart of God. It’s who He is and how He works. If we are truly followers of Jesus Christ, we need to apply the beautiful suggestions to serve others that contained in this message. Thank you so much for this Lisa! ~Sharon

  4. " HUR "--4 --U says:

    Thank you Lisa for this wonderful message, this is one that needs to be preached in every pulpit.
    I can testify to this message as many lives are changed by simply doing the “little things ” that God calls us to do even daily for and with others like……. asking someone to go for a coffee with you or go to so and so for a visit or baking a cake or giving someone a ride to wherever, God can and uses those “little things “in mighty and powerful ways in the lives of those around us. If we are his sheep we know His voice listen to that small voice and you will also be blessed……. You’ll see

  5. SANDRA MACK says:

    Love this message and needed to hear and apply to one of the ministries at my church. Thank You

  6. Simon says:

    This is an incredible message. All man-kind will live a happy life if the world can realise the need to serve people who need our love , care and help the most. In order to necessitate and maintain a peaceful world, we all have to turn away from ourself centerediness. You can image how the world would be ,if God tends to care for only a particular group of people or race. You can’t really say that you love God whiles you have no love for your neighbour. Service to mankind is service to God. Jesus said if you love me keep my commandment. What is the commandment that Jesus was referring to in this context. Love your neighbour as yourself was, the great commandment of all. We should be very proud and much more encouraged to do as many good as we can to people around us, since God rewards every good deed we do. Moreover let us bear in mind that, every good we do for man is as we do unto God. Stay blessed

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