Salt has a wonderful history.

It was such a valuable commodity in biblical times that the Romans paid their soldiers with it. Incidentally, that is where we get the expression that someone who is overpaid is “not worth their salt.”

Salt does many things, one of which is to give flavor to something.

We are to be salt, so that whatever we do and in whatever situation we’re in, there is a God-flavor about us.

I was on a salt-free diet for several years, and I don’t recommend it. Food without salt basically has no flavor and you almost want to spit it out.

When you’re with your family, your friends, or at work, remember that God has placed you where you are to add zest to those relationships and to display the flavor of God.

Remember your calling to be salt in a world that needs to be flavored by you.

But if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? Matthew 5:13

–by Dr. Ed Young of

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  1. Kim Westwood says:

    Thanks for the encouragement

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