It is among popular “Christian” belief that an abundance of material and other blessings follow those whose hearts are truly after God and that those who seem to consistently struggle to that end, cannot possibly be in God’s perfect will.

I want to submit to you a realization I had about this very thing.

I think we might have it all backwards.

Almost all the great men of faith I’ve read about in the Bible had to spend some time in the wilderness. Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, just to name a few.

God had to make them desperate.

He had to cause them to be quiet and undistracted enough to hear His still, small voice. He had to make them hungry and thirsty enough to cry out for a miracle.

Some of us are walking through the desert right now.

It’s hot by day; there is only rugged, thorny, sandy terrain for miles and miles and there seems no end. By night, the wind is unbearably cold and we stumble over things we can barely see. Snakes and scorpions live here. It seems like a lonely place.

But this is actually a place of blessing. It is for our growth, and ultimately for our prosperity that God has brought us here!

Like it or not, the wilderness is where He can speak to us most effectively.

It is the place He can most easily get our attention.

It is the place we will cry out to God and truly listen for His voice.

If you’re in that place, know that God is with you today.

He is walking along with you through this wilderness and longing to comfort you! Cry out to Him and heed His voice.

–by George Whitten

2 Responses to The Wilderness

  1. Lila P. says:

    The Lord gave me a dream just before the state of MI went into lock down due to the Covid-19. I saw myself going live on Facebook and giving communion. So, I’ve been obedient and I continue to offer communion to my FB friends and family due to no church. I am not credentialed as a Pastor, minister or Priest. However, I am a child of God and I know He is honoring me because I have chosen to be obedient. We, as the body of Christ can most likely livestream to watch our own church service. However, not everyone can offer that. And, people on social media will watch you first before they will watch a pastor on TV or livestream. I say the sinners prayer at the end of communion. I have had one person reach out to me who said this prayer. Truly the harvest is ready, but the laborers are few. Now is our time to let our light shine to a lost generation. People are hungry and searching for an answer. I challenge my brothers and sisters in Christ to step up and help bring the lost to salvation. Trust in the Lord and He will guide you. Do not let fear rule you. You are a child of God and He will give you the words to speak. God is good always. Peace & Love.

  2. Larry Schillinger says:

    In a slightly different vain, it appears many are in the desert with the COVID-19 virus. They are looking for answers of what to do during these troubling times. They are finding them through the teachings of pastors and teachers, not normally found online. They are listening to God’s message of salvation and are following the call to be saved. Some are asking, is this the beginning of a great revival? Some are saying this may be the last chance for our nation, but as long as the lost seek Jesus, God will hold back sending His Son the take back His Bride, the Church.

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