Writing daily devotions throughout the years, I’ve often been asked the question, “How do I find the will of God?”

There are probably many good scriptural approaches to answering this question; but I want to offer something very basic as you think about understanding the will of God.

That is, simply, that you’ll know His will when you come to know the heart of God.

When you begin to understand, appreciate, and share the heart of God, then you really begin to search for and to desire the things that God desires; to be passionate about the things He is passionate for; even to be broken over the things that break God’s heart.

Our Lord wants to share His heart with you.

He wants you to know and care about what really moves Him.

He longs for the kind of personal relationship in which He can share with you His longings, His passions and His desires.

If you want to know His will, ask Him to share His heart with you.

Ask Him to move you over the things that move Him.

Ask God to reveal His passions to you because you really want to share them and to care for them in every possible way.

He will answer you, and when you discover the heart of God, you will most certainly know His will!

For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. Philippians 2:13

–by George Whitten

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