A 10-year-old boy decided to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident.

The boy began lessons with an old Japanese judo master. The boy did well, so he could not understand why, after three months of training, the master had taught him only one move.

“Sensei,” the boy finally said, “Shouldn’t I be learning more moves?”

“This is the only move you know, but this is the only move you’ll ever need to know,” the sensei replied.

Not quite understanding, but believing in his teacher, the boy kept training. Several months later, the sensei took the boy to his first tournament.

Surprising himself, the boy easily won his first two matches.

The third match proved to be more difficult, but after some time, his opponent became impatient and charged; the boy deftly used his one move to win the match.

Still amazed by his success, the boy was now in the finals. This time, his opponent was bigger, stronger, and more experienced. For a while, the boy appeared to be overmatched. Concerned that the boy might get hurt, the referee called a time-out. He was about to stop the match when the sensei intervened.

“No,” the sensei insisted, “Let him continue.”

Soon after the match resumed, his opponent made a critical mistake: he dropped his guard. Instantly, the boy used his move to pin him. The boy had won the match and the tournament. He was the champion.

On the way home, the boy and sensei reviewed every move in each and every match. Then the boy summoned the courage to ask what was really on his mind.

“Sensei, how did I win the tournament with only one move?”

“You won for two reasons,” the sensei answered. “First, you’ve almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in all of judo. And second, the only known defense for that move is for your opponent to grab your left arm.”

The boy’s biggest weakness had become his biggest strength.

Sometimes we feel that we have certain weaknesses and we blame God, the circumstances and ourself for it but we never know that our weakness can become our strength one day.

Each of us is special and important, so know that in our weaknesses, God sometimes hides our greatest strengths.

15 Responses to Turning Weakness Into Strength

  1. ifeoma Uchendu says:

    God is indeed our help. He moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform unto those who trust in Him.
    He will always make the imposible posible.
    More grease to your elbow.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Let the weak say I am strong. This is the strength of the chosen ones.

  3. jp says:

    JESUS love conquers nations.

  4. jc says:

    ohhh. what a wonderfull story…..it’s realy inspiring…….it’s realy amazing….. and truly our God is a good God.. He is a great, great God.
    luke 1:37 for with God nothing shall be impossible!…. Amen!!!

  5. Joel says:

    This message was very inspiring, for it teaches me to never give up on my dreams, and to never give up on God! Hope it blesses you!

  6. Kwadwo says:

    Great, God bless you!

  7. Stalin says:

    Dear Beloved in Christ, Really the messages are encouraging and reviving. Please continue to labour for the Lord…..Indeed the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.

  8. med says:

    A very good and inspiring story… challenges us to view things in perspective and to see beyond our weaknesses for in the midst of it all, God has placed strength.

  9. Asifiwe says:

    This is great, i once felt a failure until one day i knew why it was to happen what happened, i thank God for you,

  10. kereen says:

    great story. for when I am weak, am strong.. in the Lord. God bless.

  11. EYOB says:

    good history

  12. Lydia Keys says:

    How uplifting isthis for me and my family. My first child turned out to be Autistic with significant learning difficulties. Naturally I blamed myself and everything around me for this. But now reading this, I know that perhaps what I see as a problem now might turn into a blessing one day? Who knows! We serve a mighty God.

  13. Andrija says:

    Thank you for the story.
    …for when I`m weak than
    I am strong

  14. Marron Chupa says:

    Powerful and inspiring.

  15. jpl says:

    This is an awesomely simple but inspiring story. True as well. My aunt at 5` did judo until she did too many opponents in and had to quit. Send more great stories of faith to us. Great job!

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