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Look Up!

Years ago, a young sailor went to sea for the first time.

Not long after setting sail, his ship encountered a heavy storm and the sailor was commanded to go aloft and trim the sails.

About three quarters of the way up, the young sailor made the mistake of looking down. The roll of the ship combined with the tossing of the waves made for a frightening experience.

The young man started to lose his balance.

At that moment, an older sailor underneath him shouted, “Look up, son! Look up!”

The young sailor did as he said. He looked up, and regained his balance.

Similarly, when our focus is on the circumstances that we face, the waves of life, we can easily lose our balance and our direction.

But when we change our focus and simply “look up”, our internal spiritual compass fixed on the Lord will restore our stability, and enable us to finish the assignments we’ve been given and get to the top!

Are you feeling unstable today? Look up!

The Lord will steady you. Heaven is your goal and God will provide the power and direction to bring you safely there!

–by George Whitten

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